Drone Club Meeting – Flying with the First-Person View (FPV) Drone Mask

The photo shows my first mask flight in my robe. I put my phone in the front part of the mask and zip it in. Once over my eyes, I only see what the drone sees. I use a Bluetooth mouse to access the control icons and menus. A second person is required to visually monitor the drone. During the presentation, I fly the drone at waist level, less than six feet away in a 40+ mph pass, fly close and far, take a Quickshot Asteroid panoramic, and perform other maneuvers to show the control available. With the magnifying lens in the mask, it is like the images are on a large screen. Movement wearing the mask is possible. I actually pointed the drone at myself and used it to guide me to a seat at the park. It is a totally different experience flying a camera drone.

Dennis Brooks, Drone Club Vice President

The February 2022 meeting of the Drone Club Robson Ranch Texas will be held on Monday, Feb. 28, at the Creative Arts Technology Center. We expect a good group of attendees, including both new and current members and visitors.

The meeting theme will be “Flying with a Drone Mask.” The agenda will encompass introduction and new attendee welcome, overview of the drone mask and required/recommended accessories, photographs from different flights of mine and views inside the drone mask, using a Bluetooth mouse for control, the second-person requirement, night flying with the drone mask, filing a LAANC-controlled airspace request for North Robson, questions, and thank you.

Attendee discussion expected includes: Where to purchase the drone mask, YouTube videos to see more evaluations and flights, the total costs, and who will help.

The Drone Club has no dues. We meet the fourth Monday of each month at the Creative Arts Technology Center in Room 104, starting at 7 p.m., and lasting to 8 p.m.

Our next Drone Club meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 28.

We hope to see you then.