Drones, Photos, Videos, and Flying

Dennis Brooks

The Robson Ranch Drone Special Interest Group (SIG) meets the fourth Monday of each month (except August and December) starting at 7 p.m., at the Creative Arts and Technology Center in room 104. We invite all with an interest in drones, aerial videography, or anyone curious about our flying, videos, and photos to attend.

Our Jan. 25 meeting was hosted by Dennis Brooks. The presentation covered night flying, why fly at night, a synopsis of the FAA rules/restrictions, when a recreational flyer can fly, what time you can fly, and presented photo examples of night flight over Robson Ranch. The photos highlighted Christmas decorations as captured by DII MAVIC MINI and the DJ I MINI 2 drones. A number of images were placed in a slideshow with music as the YouTube video, “Aerial Christmas over Robson Ranch.” This video can be found by plugging the title into the search function of YouTube. General questions were accepted after the presentation. The meeting was closed, followed by individual questions.

Our Feb. 22 meeting will feature our first member spotlight. Dennis Brooks will present his drone and accessories he employed flying in the Robson area. Dennis’s flying style is very aggressive in pushing distance limits, night flying, and high risk/close flying with his DJI MINI drone. He will present video segments (flying through a pond spray fountain, as well as distances out to 5,500 feet away and 400 feet up) and still images. He will explain the controller video screen icons and menus for the DTI MINI and MINI 2.

Please join us each month! The SIG has no dues or membership requirements other than owning or interest in acquiring/seeing a drone. Visitors interested in seeing the videography or who are just curious are always welcome as guests of the SIG.