Election Cycle in Full Swing!

Dianne Edmondson, County Commissioner

Election season is in full swing, as the March 1, 2022, Primary Elections are just a few short weeks away.

This cycle has been greatly affected by the U.S. Census, Constitutionally required every decade. As fast-growing Denton County has exploded (about 82 people a day being added to our population!), changes have been made which will become apparent when you vote. But many things will also stay the same, so let’s discuss.

First of all, Robson Ranch residents still will be able to vote on the Ranch. Corporate and HOA both understand the importance to our residents of being able to vote close to home. So, for several years, and again this year, both Early Voting and Election Day voting will take place here. Early Voting runs from Feb. 14 through Feb. 25, followed by the March 1 Primary election.

To vote in the Primary, one must be registered by Jan. 31. There will be deputy voting registrars in the clubhouse foyer several times between now and then, or one can go online to VoteDenton.com and register there. In Texas, one doesn’t register to vote by declaring a political party; rather, your party affiliation is determined by which Primary you choose—Democrat or Republican. In the November General Election, voters can choose candidates from either or both parties, one race at a time.

You also may request a ballot to be mailed to you if you are 65 or older, disabled, or going to be out of the county during the Early and Election Day voting. To request one, visit VoteDenton.com and download the form, or call 940-349-3200.

Second, state law requires no more than 5,000 active voters within any voter precinct. Consequently 4003, our voter precinct, has been split in half and re-numbered as 4185 and 4186. The dividing line is Ed Robson Blvd., and this split has made a change in the filing processes and deadlines for the precinct chairs. The voters on each side will elect their Republican or Democrat precinct chairs on May 24. Those interested in serving in those positions must file with their respective political parties between Jan. 15 and Feb. 14. The election for those precinct chairs will be May 24, which is the same date for any higher office runoff elections. But in a multi-candidate precinct chair race, there will be no run-off; the candidate with the most votes wins, even if it’s not a majority. This procedural and electoral change is for this election cycle only and is due to the compressed timeframe for this cycle. New light blue voter registration cards will be sent to all registered voters in the county around the first of the year, and those cards will identify your voter precinct number.

There are quite a few contested Primary races this cycle, so plan to attend any area candidate forums to learn more about your choices. One here in Robson Ranch will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 2, and plans are to include the candidates for House District 64 and Senate District 12. Both these districts have had boundary changes, but our residents remain in both districts. All Ranch residents are welcome to attend.