Emeritus College: Where Learning Is For Life – January 2015

Join us for another exciting semester with new classes and topics for everyone!

Spring classes run February through May starting February 4 and are taught by distinguished university faculty and local area professionals. For a flat fee of $75 you may take as many classes as your heart desires.

Here are just a few classes we are looking forward to in February!

An Introduction to the U.S. Constitution

Join Tom Tweeddale, a former pilot ground school instructor for UNT, for his presentation of the seven articles of the Constitution, their subsections and clauses, as well as the 27 amendments with dates and backgrounds. Students will leave with a better understanding of our governing document and respect for its authors. They will also learn why and when the Constitution was amended and what the hoped-for outcomes were for the amendments.

Creating and Using a Timeline to Tell Your Story

Tom Pryor, UNT adjunct professor of Social Entrepreneurship, teaches how create a timeline, what to include, uses of the timeline and tools available to document your timeline. A timeline is a one-page graphical representation of your life’s most important events. It’s the dash on your gravestone. A timeline can be created for a person, a couple or family. Timelines have many uses including sharing your life’s lessons and experiences with children, grandchildren and friends.

U.S. Taxes for the Faint of Heart

Gary Koenig, tax preparation instructor, explains U.S. Taxes for those who haven’t taken primary responsibility for filing their household taxes in the past. This will help the newly single or those who want to better understand what needs to be filed, what records need to be saved and for how long, what deductions have not been thought about previously, along with tax traps for the newly single.

Latin America’s Political Culture

Join Drs. John Booth and Patricia Richard, co-authors of Latin American Political Culture: Public Opinion and Democracy, from which this class will draw, exploring Latin American citizens’ political attitudes. For example, how strongly do Latin Americans support democracy, and how well do they evaluate their governments’ institutions and performance? This class also compares Latin Americans’ attitudes to those of U.S. and Canadian citizens. Based on public opinion surveys from 18 Latin American countries, the U.S. and Canada, we will share some surprising findings about our neighbors to the south, and about ourselves.

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