Emeritus College: Where Learning Is For Life – May 2014

The Emeritus College classes have been a great success at the Ranch! UNT would like to invite you to teach a class next fall. The Emeritus College is a non-credit program that offers classes specifically designed for adults 50 and older.

UNT is soliciting proposals for fall 2014 (September – October). Classes will be held at Robson Ranch on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as UNT on Mondays and Wednesdays. To find out more about the Emeritus College, visit http://call.unt.edu/emerituscollege.

Benefits to faculty who teach in the Emeritus College include:

Intellectual and community engagement

Faculty who enjoy teaching can continue to do so

Interaction with motivated learners with similar life experiences

Social, cultural and travel events specifically organized for older adults

Free meal at Robson Ranch Wildhorse Grill

Classes have two formats: one-time lectures (60-90 minutes, with discussion) and seminars (60-90 minute lectures over two weeks). If you would like to teach the seminar format, you could teach both sessions yourself or recruit others to help you teach the two sessions.

Many Emeritus College faculty are retired, but others are active faculty or area professionals who are interested in sharing their expertise and love of a subject with a community of senior learners. You could teach in your area of academic expertise, or you can offer classes in new subjects in which you have become interested.

If you are interested in teaching, please contact Bradon Richey by June 1, 2014, for the Fall 2014 semester: [email protected]; 940-565-4752.

In May, join Dr. John Calabrese, professor of Art History, Aesthetics, and Film History at Texas Woman’s University, to learn more about 19th century painting. This class will discuss various artists with classic or romantic approaches to their work.

Save the date for the fall open house: August 15.

Join us in the main clubhouse to see the fall lineup of classes!

Register early to be sure to get into the classes you want!

For further information on becoming a member and enrolling in classes or to reserve your space in the August 15 open house:

Website: call.unt.edu/emerituscollege

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 940-369-7293