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Classes start September 1, 2015 at Robson Ranch.

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Join us for another exciting semester with new classes and topics for everyone!

Here are just a few classes we are looking forward to in September:

Mean Green Chemistry Demo Team Presents – Diana Mason

UNT RTFP Theatre 110 (not at Robson Ranch)

The Mean Green Chemistry Demo Team from the University of North Texas presents an engaging show designed to fascinate all with classic chemical demonstrations. Be amazed by Exploding Balloons, Fire in the Jug, Mean Green Foam Machine, Fire and Ice, Color is a Many Splendid Thing, the Mason Dot Burn and more! The show supports concepts associated with physical and chemical properties and changes of matter, interactions of atoms and the changes in energy associated with these eye-catching reactions is guaranteed to knock your socks off!

Economic State of the USA: Problems, Opportunities and Prospects – David Higgins

Robson Ranch Main Clubhouse

First, what is the state of the country’s economic health? Join Dr. David Higgins as he reviews various aspects of our economy before, during and after the economic contraction of 2007-2008, commonly referred to as the “Great Recession.” Second, what kinds of job skills are projected to be in need in the new economy and what kinds will decline in demand? We will look at structural changes in the make-up of the U.S. economy and the rapid growth of emerging economies. David P. Higgins earned his doctorate in financial management and investments from the University of Texas at Austin. His specialty areas are: the keys to financial performance, the creation and maintenance of business value, treasury management, business economics and investments.

CyberThreats and Cyber Security – Branon Dunn

Robson Ranch Main Clubhouse

As the world becomes more of an “online” world, join Branon Dunn in reviewing how you can keep your information safe. Learn about historical security events, current issues and what the future looks like for the cyber-world. Branon Dunn is a retired semiconductor engineer with 35 years of design and computer aids experience.