Farewell and looking forward

Team members Peggy Zilinsky, Jois Ross, and Ruth Klein; photo by Nancy Thomas.

Team members Peggy Zilinsky, Jois Ross, and Ruth Klein; photo by Nancy Thomas.

Sherry Zeise

At her final meeting as leader of New Life Lunch Bunch, Jois Ross shared her life story with us, after a great lunch at the home of Ruth Klein.

Jois’ story began in Wichita Falls, Texas, where she grew up with two loving, godly parents and a dear brother. Her parents surrounded her with a sense of love for God and each other. Though her father passed away when she was a child, her brave, wise, loving mother raised the siblings as the two parents would have done.

The children learned powerful lessons from their mother:

1. Love God and serve Him with all your heart.

2. Love and care for each other.

3. Actions have consequences. Make wise decisions/choices of action.

4. Whatever you do, put your whole effort into it.

When caught misbehaving, Jois and/or brother were given three choices of action to atone for the misdeed. They had to choose which fit the “crime”. Jois says this helped her become keenly aware of the consequences of actions in business and in home-life. It spared her many problems along the way.

Her parents loved the Lord, and lived a great example to their children; praying and reading the Bible with and around the children, attending church regularly, and living a godly life. At one point, Jois realized life in Christ was best for her, and she prayed to accept Jesus as her Savior and Guide for her life. She loved to sing and play the piano and used that talent to share the Lord with others.

A cute guy at school, Alan Ross, won Jois’s heart. They soon learned that life would not be complete without each other, so they tied the knot, and promised to be partners for life. Soon, as a Buick employee, Alan’s job took them all over America together.

The road finally led them to Robson Ranch, where they found a special place here, especially in New Life Church. Both made dear friends and became involved in leadership at New Life Church. The Lord had a special job for Jois.

In the past, there was a women’s fellowship led by Deb Seifkin, and, later, by Vickie Mann, but it ended and another woman was needed to take that leadership role. The Lord made Jois that new leader and provided a super team of women, Ruth Klein and Peggy Zilinsky, to help her make Ladies’ Lunch Bunch a vibrant, life-giving entity.

For eleven years, Jois and her team, have produced the anointed, inspiring programs the Lord has helped Jois to write, and other ladies have helped, too. The fellowship, good food, and great programs have made us eager for the next time together.

New Life Lunch Bunch will resume in January of 2020 with the new direction the Lord has in mind.

Jois, the Ladies’ Lunch Bunch of New Life Church thanks you, wishing you great blessings for your service!