Fellowship at the Wildhorse Grill!

Cynthia Drury

The third Friday of each month, members of the Fellowship At The Ranch Church come together at the Wildhorse Grill for the Fellowship Friday Lunch. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, in the lounge there is companionship, conversation, good food, and lots of smiles. Coming together helps forge friendships, provides a time for catching up, and enjoying a delicious meal. As members enter the Grill, there is the parade of people. Once they reach the lounge, the smiles and fun begin. In fact, the conversations are so engaging, it can be difficult to start the program. The Lunch starts with prayer and announcements. The meal is served buffet style due to the number of people attending, about 40-plus per month. Once the people have their lunch, the interesting conversations take over. After the meal, it takes a while to leave the Grill, as people continue their conversations.

Fellowship Friday Lunch is just one of the many programs at Fellowship At The Ranch Church. To learn more about Fellowship At The Ranch Church, please visit our website at www.FellowshipAtTheRanchChurch.com. We look forward to meeting you!

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