Friday Market Vendor: Josh Alaniz, Former Grain Bakery

Josh Alaniz (photo by Claudia J. Caporale)

Claudia J. Caporale

What do you do when you’ve graduated from UNT with a geography degree, worked for the U.S. Corps of Engineers, had a Harvard Forestry internship, and then decided, “That’s not for me?”

You adventure on a four-month, $1,400 backpacking journey to Europe, having contacted a vegetarian café baker in Ireland. It was there that Josh Alaniz made friends with the local baker who ignited his interest in sourdough bread baking. He returned to the U.S. for a year, then decided to dedicate the next chapter of his life to baking. Josh traveled back to Ireland to work graveyard shifts in Downtown Dublin and spent a short time continuing to learn in a four-star hotel in rural Denmark. When he returned to the U.S., he spent five months on Lopez Island, a small farming island off Washington State, and finally back home to Texas to bake in the Dallas Design District.

Josh may have gone partly around the world to find his calling, but aren’t we glad he did? I’m inspired by his courage and passion to find his purpose and develop his skill. His selection of breads and cookies is phenomenal. His offerings include Country Bread, Cheddar, Poblano, Jalapeño Bread, Rye and Oat Bread, Rosemary Bread, Twisted Sourdough Baguettes, and CROW Cookies (Chocolate Chip, Rye, Oats, and Walnut).

If you haven’t met Josh, please stop by his table, introduce yourself, and purchase one of his wonderful offerings.