Friends of the Library—More than Books: Movies and Puzzles and Music! Oh My!

Anne Smallwood checking out hours of entertainment. There’s something for everyone at the Robson Library.

Dianna Lucas

Of course, the Robson Library has books. Hundreds and hundreds of books. Hardback books. Paperback books. Large Print books. Books of all genres. Everyone goes to the library to check out books to read.

There are also audiobooks to check out for those who prefer that option. You will find a few hundred audiobooks to listen to in our library.

But what else does the Robson Library have to offer for your entertainment that you never realized before? Maybe, just maybe, sometimes you need more than a book to keep you entertained.

Perhaps you want to watch a movie on some cold, quiet evening while you’re staying in. Look no further than our own Robson Library. There are between 400 and 500 movies in our movie cabinet. Everything from 27 Dresses to Zero Dark Thirty. You can find just what you’re in the mood for at any given time.

Or maybe you want to be challenged by something that takes a little more of your time and talent. There are jigsaw puzzles you can check out. Puzzles in the library vary by picture theme and difficulty. Starting with relatively simple 300-piece puzzles and going all the way up to the very difficult 1500-piece ones. Set one up in your living room or den and enjoy the challenge it presents.

There are always puzzles in various stages of completion on the tables in the library. If you enjoy the social aspect of puzzling with others, you are always welcome to join in the fun of working on one with your friends and neighbors while you’re in the library.

And there is music, beautiful music. Robson Library boasts about 30 music CDs. You can select from classical music, Christmas music, various jazz artists, and other artists ranging from Sade to Toby Keith to Steppenwolf. There is something for everyone to enjoy listening to, possibly even dance to, if you’re in the mood.

When you visit the library to check out your books, movies, puzzles, and music or to work on a puzzle, you’re welcome to spend some time on the computers available. On these computers, you can read from subscriptions to Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and Denton Record-Chronicle.

To join RR Friends of the Library, stop by the library in the CATC building and deposit a check for $10 per person in the FOL Dropbox on the checkout counter.

Please do not leave cash; checks are preferred. Make sure the check is made out to Friends of the Library – Robson Ranch and placed in an envelope with your name, email address, and whether you want a tax receipt. If requested, a receipt for tax purposes will be sent to your email address.