Photo Club Workshop

Photo by Steve Simpson

Steve Simpson, Robson Ranch Board Officer

The first 2022 Robson Ranch Photo Club Workshop was held on Tuesday, Jan. 25, at the Creative Arts Technology Center. We had a good group of attendees from our current membership.

Our workshop theme was “Christmas Magic @Robson Ranch” with an agenda that included Key Images Captured (attendee lively query of key images of whether the image was captured by a drone or a ground-based camera and why), Image Shot Strategy (purpose of using image stacking with drone and ground-based camera), Tools Used (use of  drones, ground-based camera, and Adobe Lightroom to capture the images), Live Demo (Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop used to manage and enhance image captures), and the Wrap-Up (premier of the YouTube music video “Christmas Magic @Robosn Ranch”).

Attendee discussion feedback included: If this is the Photo Club, why so much discussion about drones? Any legal liability for the images taken? Why is it taking so long to produce a Lightroom video in your live demo? Could selected image or images be enhanced before the HD merge image stacking of Lightroom, and does Apple proprietary software offer a more convenient method of producing a slideshow versus the PC-based Adobe Lightroom.

The Robson Ranch Photo Club offers two workshops monthly, the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, at the Creative Arts Technology Center in Room 104, starting at 9:30 a.m.

Our Next Robson Ranch Photo Club Workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 8, with Jerry Schleshinger (Robson Ranch Photo Club Image Committee Chairman) presenting on “Monthly Competition Procedures.”

We hope to see you then.