Garden Club news

Barbara Anderson, President

The Robson Ranch Garden Club will begin its nine-month program year on Monday, September 21, at 10:30 a.m. in The Lone Star Room.

We will be transitioning into new leadership in September with our very dedicated president, Janie Cindric, and incredibly competent secretary, Joan Petre, going off the board. These two devoted Garden Club members will not be going away and will stay involved but will now be able to attend meetings without responsibilities. Please give both Janie and Joan your sincere thanks for jobs very well-done! The new officers will be Barbara Anderson, president; Mary Ann Rich, vice-president; new board member Kathy Marrou, secretary; continuing board treasurer, Nancy Buenzow, and Barbara Warren, appointed as the new membership chair. We look forward to a wonderful new year!

Our main focus for this first meeting will be updating our membership files with renewing and new members. Although the membership form will be available at the meeting, we hope that past members will receive the form in an email, fill it out prior to the meeting, attach a $10 per household check and simply turn in both the form and check. That way both the member and the club will have a record of payment.

It will not be all business though. Our Robson resident gardening experts, Doc Clegg and Janie and Tom Cindric, and others will be available to answer your questions about possible problem plants in your yard due to the excessive rains of the spring. This writer has cut out two very dead-looking Tuscan Rosemarys and is praying that there is life somewhere in those roots that will spring forth soon!

Curious about the club but not sure you will be joining? That’s all right; come anyway. We try to offer both gardening information/education and some more light-hearted programs involving plants/gardening/etc. We want to have fun but learn, too!

Our club meeting is open to all Robson residents, but we do restrict some activities to dues-paying members since dues might help pay for a bus or entrance fee for a road-trip. Sometimes there are even garden-related raffle prizes funded by the treasury.