Gauthier’s Blue Bloods Hold Off a Furious Charge from Kohnert’s Red Wave to Capture the 2022 Wildhorse Cup

Captain Kohnert and Caption Gauthier “flash” their gang signs!

The week of July 4 was a very busy week for the Men’s Golf Association, as they conducted their annual and very popular Wildhorse Cup and Draft Day selection party.

This is a Ryder Cup-style event where The Red Wave (captained by President Jim Kohnert) took on the Blue Bloods (captained by Vice President John Gauthier). The players who signed up to play in this event were “drafted” by the team captains at a pizza and beer party, which was held on July 6. The “draftees” were announced in alphabetical order, so we really do not know for sure what player holds the dubious honor of being Mister Irrelevant 2022 as the last player drafted, so Tim Hughes’ honor is safe for another year.

After the “draft,” the two teams then faced off in a three-day event. On day one, it was nine holes of Best Ball and nine holes of Scramble with the winning two-man team receiving one point for their team for each nine-hole match won and one-half point for any tied nine-hole match. After day one, Team Blue led the competition 25 to 23. After the round, the two teams gathered on the back patio, and there were toasts and boasts of dominance.

On day two, there were two more nine-hole matches. The first nine was a Shamble, and the second nine was Alternate Shot. As it was on day one, the winning two-man team received one point for their team for each nine-hole match with ties receiving one-half point. After day two, everyone assembled on the patio for cold beer and chili dogs, and engaged in some good-spirited banter concerning the day’s events. While the Red Wave won day two 24-1/2 to 23-1/2, the Blue Bloods held a slim one-point lead going into day three.

The final day was individual match play with 48 points up for grabs. At the end of the event, the Red Wave fell to the Blue Bloods on day three 27 to 21, with the Blue Bloods posting an overall three-day victorious score of 75-1/2 to 68-1/2.

The Blue Bloods had gotten the monkey off their back finally, as the Red Wave had won the two previous Wildhorse Cups. Red Wave Captain Jim Kohnert was magnanimous in defeat. Blue Bloods Captain John Gauthier was nowhere to be found for a comment, as there was still cold beer on tap.

While the temperatures each day were in excess of 100 degrees, everyone persevered and appeared to have a great time with calls for revenge, “Remember the Alamo,” and “Is there any beer left?” echoing across the patio until late in the afternoon of day three.