Genealogy Club News

JoAnn Evans

“We are the chosen. In each family there is one who seems called to find the ancestors. To put flesh on their bones and make them live again. To tell the family story and to feel that somehow they know and approve. Doing genealogy is not a cold gathering of facts but, instead, breathing life into all who have gone before. We are the storytellers of the tribe. All tribes have one.” —from a poem attributed to Della M. Cummings Wright

On Tuesday, July 19, in Room 104 of the Creative Arts and Technology Center (CATC) from 7 to 8:30 p.m., Susan Kaufman, senior manager of the Houston Public Library’s Center for Genealogical Research, will speak about “The Final Event: Funeral Records.” Join Susan for a close look at sources such as funeral home records and county records that can illuminate your ancestor’s final hours and provide details about their life before death.

At some time or another, all of us who do genealogical research have felt the pain of not being able to find a document or picture we had previously discovered and then put “somewhere safe.” The organization of genealogical research is critical for success! Whether you use files, notebooks, or digital files, you must have a process that will enable you to easily locate a document in your system. This organization includes developing a consistent method that you use to know who you’re researching, what you’ve completed, what you’ve found, where you found it, and how this information aids in future research. On Tuesday, Aug. 2, at Room 104 of the CATC from 7 to 8:30 p.m., you can learn more about these important skills from speaker Emily Richardson, when she speaks about “10 Tips for Organizing Your Genealogical Research.”

As a follow-up to Emily’s presentation, there will be a help session on Monday afternoon, Aug. 8, in Room 104 of the CATC from 2 to 4 p.m., if you still have questions about organization or if you just need help with your research.

The Genealogy Club welcomes all Robson Ranch residents. Dues are $20 per year per person or $30 per year for a couple. If you want further information on these programs or on the Robson Genealogy Club, feel free to contact the club board at [email protected].