Girls on Wheels – Artists for a Day

A little bit of DaVinci in each of us: Nancy Burns, Susan Hebert, Kathie Marsh, Vicki Baker, Melodye Rogers and Conni Bjella

A little bit of DaVinci in each of us: Nancy Burns, Susan Hebert, Kathie Marsh, Vicki Baker, Melodye Rogers and Conni Bjella

Vicki Baker

Girls on Wheels were looking to try something new for their July outing when ringleader Conni Bjella arranged for us to channel our inner artist and spend the day “creating” alongside our girlfriends at Color Me Mine, the paint-your-own pottery studio located in Flower Mound.

We relived our grade school days of splashing paint onto ceramics and making our own vase, platter, bowl, and piggy bank. Not having done this since elementary school, we felt a bit lost walking into the studio but that quickly changed. We came in, found the pieces we wanted to paint, selected the colors and got to work. We soon discovered the “art” of having fun by creating our own piece of usable art.

The studio is a bright, airy and high-ceilinged main room with small round tables covered with butcher paper. Music played in the background, which was really quite therapeutic, just the right setting for letting our “artist side” run wild. We browsed the shelves crowded from top to bottom with a vast selection of white unfinished and unpainted ceramics just awaiting color, all laid out before us to choose from. It felt a bit overwhelming at first, but rest assured there was something for everyone!

Once we chose our pieces, it was time to paint. We grabbed individual glass palettes and selected paints from a rainbow of colors. There were bowls of brushes, stamps, sponges and stencils to personalize our pottery so each of us could create a take-home DaVinci masterpiece of our own.

Now we sat and painted to our heart’s content, only limited by our own imaginations. We had the freedom to paint whatever we wanted, and we let our creativity flow. The designs were simple to elegant to whimsical. Not only did the studio have everything we wanted, this was art made easy; no clean-up for us afterward.

Once the painting was completed, the colors looked pastel and really light on the ceramic pieces until they’re cooked. Our fabulous creations were glazed and fired in the kilns in the studio with our finished masterpieces available for pick up one week later.

Having thought this would be a one-hour event, it turned out we stayed over three hours painting up a storm. Having loads of fun we could have easily spent a whole day here. We discovered that art experience isn’t necessary in order to be creative. Color Me Mine is a great stop for us to get in touch with our creative side and where we were all artists for a day.