Golf Course Changes

Fred Thompson, Nine Holer Communications Director

New North Course—GPS devices: The new nine has been scoped and will give distance readings for those with GPS devices. But you may need to download the info. By following the directions from the Bushnell website, I was able to get that done — just had to attach it to my desktop computer. Once all was plugged in, it was grind, grind for 15- to 20-minutes. Now when fully charged and I wake it up on the way to the course, it brings up the golf course names and shows Robson South, West, and now North. Haven’t tried it yet but I think I’ll be able to get distances on the new North.

Pin Positions: Previously there were several pin positions as noted behind the desk in the pro shop and shown on the scorecard; now there are just three — front, back and middle. Flag color — red, white, or blue — will tell you which of the three are in play. Also, I believe at one time there was an effort to place tee box markers within each tee box, (white, blue, etc.) front, middle, or back to correspond to the flag location, but I think tee box locations will no longer correspond to the flag locations.

Outside Play: Craig tells me that through mid-February, 95% of course play was by residents and this probably was heavily influenced by weather conditions. We Robsonites are apparently a hardy bunch.

Also, in addition to other outside tournaments, the Dallas Baptist College tournament will return Sept. 21.

Assistant Pro: If you blinked you might have missed her. Amber has moved on to another position. Craig is in the process of hiring a replacement.

Course Rotation: An effort has been made to alternate starting between the three courses. If your group started on South on Thursday this week, you’ll most likely not start on South the following Thursday.