Grande: The Ins and Outs

Tech club meeting (Photo by Steve Simpson)

Steve Simpson, Club Officer

The Robson Ranch Tech Club meets the second Monday of each month (except August and December) starting at 7 p.m. at the Creative Arts and Technology Center in room 104. We invite all with interest in any technology related topics.

Our June 14 meeting was hosted by Club Officer Steve Simpson. The presentation by member Mike Weaver covered a very popular topic, “Grande—the Ins and Outs.” Attendees were informed and engaged to learn more about all aspects of grade data plans, equipment, and service calls. Also, Mike provided an overview of various streaming hardware and apps with attendees inquiring about how to incorporate these into their current home entertainment systems. Club President Paul Marriott presented on Google Voice as a possible alternative to Grande Home Phone. Vice President Steve Simpson concluded the meeting with a recap of how well Grande Service Techs performed with a data issue he personally encountered in the month of May.

Please join us each month! The Tech Club has no dues or membership requirements other than owning or having interest in anything with technology.