Great News

Francesca D’Atria Romano

Our very own resident artist Francesca d’Atria Romano was recently sworn into the Denton City Hall Council as a Representative for Public Arts. This position allows Francesca to both suggest and improve the Arts through public sculpture, murals, historical artifacts, and parks.

Francesca was chosen for this position due to her many contributions to the Arts through the Greater Denton Arts Council (GDAC) and her New York City accomplishments. The GDAC sent in a proposal for Francesca to fill this position.

Francesca held positions on many boards in New York City and now here in Texas as well. She helped raise enough funds to create a new Staten Island Museum, which also houses her famous etchings.

Since her arrival here to Denton, Texas, just a little over four years ago, Francesca has been able to make an artistic difference for her community. She became president of the Robson Ranch Paint & Palette Club, increasing its membership from a few to many and organizing many exhibitions for this group.

Francesca also extends her historical knowledge through the OLLI/UNT program where she teaches art history.

She recently has been asked to speak about her own artwork through the OLLI program. She will present this program for both the fall and spring semesters.

Francesca is all about giving back to others and her community through her love of the Arts. She is very excited and honored to be chosen for this prestigious position. She looks forward to working with the City of Denton to bring exciting new ideas to help broaden the spectrum of the Arts for our community.