Happy Potters Club – December 2014

Gary Triebsch and his pottery creation.

Gary Triebsch and his pottery creation.

Peggy Villagomez

The Happy Potters held its last workshop of the year in November. It was a “show and tell” workshop. Members brought in pieces they had made or bought and shared the details of how they made them and glazes used. Some shared their experiences, new techniques and tools used and what they learned at the annual Texas Clay Festival they attended in October.

The Happy Potters still have items for sale in the window at the CATC. These handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces would make a nice gift for Christmas or maybe just one for you. You won’t have to fight traffic, waste gas or your valuable time, and you can still walk away with a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece of pottery you couldn’t buy anywhere else for the price the Happy Potters are asking.

The Happy Potters will be celebrating Christmas with their year-end party in December. This is a fun group of very talented people. I myself do not fall in that category of very talented, but I am surrounded by many artists who have a willingness to teach, share and help create a beautiful one-of-a-kind handmade piece of pottery. I am in awe of the pieces that are made in this group. The creativity and imagination are abundant here. If you have never made pottery do not let that intimidate you from trying. I wanted to quit the first year I started because I was surrounded by such talented artists, and I felt a little inadequate since I was just a “normal” person. I have to say I am glad I stayed with it. I have learned so much from this group of people. Believe me when I say that when I make a piece of pottery and give it as a gift it has been more joy than running to the store and purchasing something off the shelf. I have given a gift of love to that person.

Stay tuned for next month’s article because we have a wonderful new member in the group, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome this new addition. If you are interested in learning about pottery call Pat Sabo at 262-0991 or email her at [email protected]. Beginner workshops will resume starting in the New Year. Dues are $20 for the year. Come on up to the CATC and get dirty.