Happy Tails Dog Club

Dr. Florsheim and a few of the members who attended the May meeting

Lorraine Wilson

The Robson Ranch Happy Tails Dog Club meets the second Saturday of the month at 10:30 a.m. in the CATC building, Room 103. We invite everyone who has a dog, is interested in dog-related topics, or just likes to hang out with some great dog people, to join our club. New membership dues are $10 per household per year, and renewal is $5. Check out our club and our pets on our website, rrhappytailsdogclub.weebly.com.

At our May 14 meeting we had an incredibly special guest, Dr. Amanda Florsheim. Dr. Florsheim is a native Dallas veterinarian and certified behavior consultant-canine (CBCC-KA). She is the only veterinarian in the Dallas-Fort Worth area whose practice focuses exclusively on behavior medicine. Dr. Florsheim is the founder and owner of Veterinary Behavior Solutions and The Training Studio in Carrollton. Dr. Florsheim offered expert advice, which was very appreciated by all the members who attended the meeting. With her busy schedule, we were very privileged to have Dr. Florsheim make the time for the Happy Tails Dog Club members!

At our June 11 meeting, we had a representative from Therapy Pals of Golden Triangle. Founded by Harriet Tunnell in 2006, it was the first therapy dog organization in North Texas to be recognized by the AKC. The organization proudly provides animal-assisted therapy at several locations in and around Denton County. They also offer a four-week course where dogs and handlers are introduced to the special skills needed to participate in animal-assisted therapy, including the added distractions of the sights and sounds of wheelchairs, walkers, and therapy equipment that the team may encounter on visits. The therapy class they offer also teaches the guidelines and proper etiquette for taking part in animal-assisted therapy.

Our July 9 meeting promises to be another wonderful meeting, with Stephan Knight of Dogs Matter, as our guest speaker. Dogs Matter offers a safe and healthy environment for their clients’ dogs while they are seeking inpatient treatment and, if necessary, until they are healthy and stable enough to take care of their dog again. Founded in 2014 by Stephen Knight, they are the only nonprofit organization providing temporary foster care placement and supportive services specifically for addicts and alcoholics seeking treatment and transitioning into recovery. Dogs Matter understands the great need that exists for our services in the local recovery community, not just here in Dallas but all over the country for those willing to seek treatment for their substance use disorder. They take care of your best friend while you take care of yourself!