Happy Tails Dog Club Gets Adjusted!

Lorraine Wilson

Happy Tails Dog Club’s guest speaker at the Oct. 8 meeting was Dr. Kirk Rexroat, chiropractor from Argyle Family Chiropractic in Argyle, Texas. Certified in human, canine, and equine chiropractic care, Dr. Rexroat gave a very informative talk about the importance of spinal adjustment and why it would be needed for our dogs. He explained how similar a dog’s skeleton is to a human’s and how the same stresses can affect their spines. Additionally, long-torso dogs like dachshunds or corgis are especially prone to spinal misalignments, especially from jumping up or down from furniture. However, other dogs can also benefit from being aligned by a chiropractor. Dr. Rexroat discussed some of his past canine cases, then proceeded to adjust Lassen, a 14-year-old border collie mix belonging to Lorraine Wilson. Lassen has hip dysplasia and had been adjusted previously by Dr. Rexroat. Members were able to see the difference in how much easier Lassen walked after the adjustment. On the same day, Happy Tails Dog Club sponsored two animal rescue organizations at the annual Holiday Market held at the clubhouse. Both EARS from Dallas and Humane Tomorrow from Argyle brought dogs ready for adoption to the event.

On Saturday, Nov. 5, Happy Tails Dog Club held the 2022 Winter Holiday Mini Photo Sessions. People were able to choose their own background—a Christmas background with or without Santa, a Hanukkah background, or a Kwanzaa background. In addition to current board members Donna Steibel, Rebecca Laschinger, Sandy McAfee, and Lorraine Wilson, Melissa Crabill, Nancy Kilkenny, Arlene Basford, Sheri Watkins, and past board member Linda Watrak helped with the photo sessions. It was a busy but fun time, and the pet photos turned out great, thanks to photographer extraordinaire Donna Steibel.

The December meeting will be a holiday potluck and white dog (elephant) gift exchange. For further details on the event, please check out our webpage, www.rrhappytailsdogclub.weebly.com. Also on the Happy Tails website is a great resource for dog owners. We thought it would be helpful to create this page for pet owners who may be searching for a local vet, groomer, mobile nail trimmer, pet boarder, dog sitter—anything dog related! Go to rrhappytailsdogclub.weebly.com/for-pet-owners.

Happy Tails Dog Club is sponsoring a Facebook page for all dog-related information for Robson Ranch residents. The intent is to make this a dog page for everyone here at Robson Ranch, and anything dog related can be posted on the page—lost dogs, found dogs, dogs looking for homes, dogs dressed up, dogs doing cute things, dogs with their human companions, and just pictures of dogs being dogs! If you are interested in joining, please go to tinyurl.com/2rhpwr6b.

The Robson Ranch Happy Tails Dog Club meets the second Saturday of the month at 10:30 a.m. in the CATC building, Room 103. We invite anyone who has a dog to come and check us out. New membership dues are $10 per household per year, and renewal is $5. Check out our club and our beautiful pets on our website rrhappytailsdogclub.weebly.com.