Ho-Ho-Happy Potters!

Snowman mugs—just look at those adorable faces!

Lynne Kelsey

The thermometer may say it’s over 100 (again), but in July, members of the Happy Potters had their minds squarely on the holidays. In the monthly Holiday Market workshop, the emphasis was festive decor. The studio became a workshop of busy elves who cut out ornaments, built snowman mugs, and created adorable figurines that will eventually make their way to the club’s booth in October. Imagine sipping a frothy hot chocolate from a snowman mug while enjoying a flickering fire in the fireplace or on your TV. Though, first, we’d better imagine a 50-degree drop in the weather. The Holiday Market is only a couple of months away, so start making your shopping list!

The other project that has been occupying our Potters is the Empty Bowls of Denton, which supports Denton Community Food Center and Our Daily Bread. At the event, participants purchase a handcrafted bowl, and 100% of the proceeds go to the two charities. This year’s luncheon will be hosted by Harvest House on Oct. 22, from noon to 3 p.m., and Happy Potters members hope to donate nearly 75 bowls! Watch this space next month when we will feature photos of some of our members’ creations.

The next time you’re in the CATC, stop by the display window outside the Wine Cup Room and see some of the beautiful pieces created by our members!