HOA Shredding and Recycling Day May 22

Shelbi Berg, Activities Director

Saturday, May 22, 9 to 11 a.m.

Shredding Cost: $5 (cash) per bag or box

Computer hard drive crushed or printers: $5 ea. (cash)

Magic Shred will take any paper documents that you need to be shredded, but please remove paper from 3-ring binders as they’re unable to shred metal. We can’t take these binders. You’ll be able to have all of your personal papers (bank statements, tax returns, etc.) shred for $5 per box or bag (small moving box/small trash bag/something you can easily lift for size). There will be HOA staff available to unload your vehicle so you don’t get out of your vehicle. Your box/bag will be returned to you after emptying your items, so there will be more space for paper items. There will be one truck available on this date.

Computer Crushers will take virtually any computer or electronic device (cell/house phone, speakers, old chargers, cables, and batteries). There will be a $5 charge to crush hard drives or printers. They will also take those old floppy discs and shred them offsite. They will still take the old computer. They will not be able to take old televisions.

City of Denton will have a Drug Disposal Service and Battery Drop-Off again this time. We will not be accepting Hazardous Waste at the Recycling Event. This service requires a Denton police officer accompany the disposal kiosk due to legal requirements for the possessing, transporting, and disposing of controlled substances. If you miss this opportunity or need to dispose of drugs during the year, there is also a disposal kiosk available at the Denton Police Headquarters, 601 E. Hickory in Denton.

* Bring any medications that are expired or you no longer need in the original bottles or containers.

**Do not bring any needles or syringes.

*** Don’t empty the medications into plastic Ziploc bags. They need them in the original bottles.

For your safety, we ask that you do not park your vehicle and walk to the shredding sites due to vehicles moving through the parking lot/driveway.

On the website—click on the Map of the Parking Lot to help you understand the traffic flow for this event. There will be one entrance from Robson Ranch Circle since all payment will need to go through the Activities Director. We appreciate your cooperation in following the directions.

If you have any questions or need additional information on these services contact the Activities Office at 940-246-1002.