Abby McIntyre

Hello sweet friends! I had hoped we would be on the tail end of social distancing by now, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Social distancing seems to be our new normal that we will have to learn to take in stride. With this new normal, we are collectively spending more time in our homes than we typically would. This is not a prison sentence. I certainly hope you do not see it as such. The opportunity to slow down and stay at home welcomes new ideas and perspectives to grow in each of us. Social distancing might have us closing our doors for a while, but certainly not for good. This month, we are here to help you get creative with a few of those mundane honey-do tasks around the house.

For starters, with the wonderful sunshine and warm weather Texas has been seeing, now is the perfect time to get outside and plant your spring garden! Gardening has been proven to help boost one’s mood and relieve stress and anxiety. During these uncertain times, it is easy for anxiety to creep into your life and cause stress. Getting creative building and tending to your garden will help you curb these crippling emotions. Going outside to spend time in the fresh air and sunshine will do you worlds of good. While you are planting your garden, think about ways you can create something unique for your home. Think of making garden boxes decorated to reflect your personal style. Do bright colors make you feel cheerful? Paint your boxes with colors that will make you instantly happy when you look at them. Do you prefer a more pared down, natural look? Pick a stain for your boxes instead of paint. Staining the wood gives you a cleaner, more natural finish that will easily mesh with the surrounding landscape. Building your garden can be one of the sweetest ways to spend time with your loved ones or the perfect task to put on your honey-do list for your home.

Trying to find indoor design inspiration? Look to your garden to spruce up your space. Think about clipping a few flowers from the vine outside to display on your counter. While your honey is busy outside with the garden boxes, how can you redesign your space to reflect your newfound green thumb? Your windows are a wonderful gateway for this. A cheery floral or honeydew green valance framing your window creates a picture-perfect vignette in your home.

Now is the perfect time to plan new designs for your home.

Whatever you are inspired to design for your home during this time, let us help you. We are taking every effort to keep you safe during the COVID-19 crisis, friend. For the time being, our showroom will be open by appointment only. However, we are now offering virtual appointments to those who would like consultations from the comfort of their home. Give us a call at 940-565-8337 to set up your design appointment today!

Happy designing!