Horseshoe Throwers Had Great Tournaments

Front row: Martha Gills; second row: Joey Misiaszek, Dawn Schiegg, Joe Dougherty; third row: Alan Schiegg, Bob Cook, Steve Bentley, Bruce Condit (photo by Joseph Misiaszek)

In the Ringers tournament (most ringers in 50 throws), Larry Borders took home the gold medal with a final throw of a ringer. Steve Bentley took the silver, with Bob Cook taking the bronze.

In the Dingers tournament (most points in 50 throws), Martha Gills took the gold medal, with Steve Bentley taking the silver and Bob Cook the bronze.

In the September Madness tournament (bracketed like March Madness), Steve Bentley and Bob Cook went the distance, and Steve Bentley won the gold medal by throwing a double ringer on his last throw. Bob Cook took the silver, and Dawn Schiegg and Bruce Condit tied for the bronze.

Steve Simpson also provided us with aerial pictures of the tournament.

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