How to Join the Robson Ranch Women’s Club

Rose Depoe, President

Welcome to the Robson Ranch Women’s Club! Below is “good to know,” general information to assist everyone with getting the most out of the Women’s Club. The Robson Ranch Women’s Club is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year! The purpose of the Women’s Club is to provide social contacts for its members and work for community betterment. This is all done while having a great time at the monthly luncheons and special events, while meeting new friends!

The Women’s Club luncheons and special activities are publicized in the weekly HOA announcements, on the Women’s Club website, in the Pioneer Press newspaper, and the social media newsletter that arrives in each member’s email inbox every month. The best resource on an ongoing basis will always be the website,

The annual membership dues are only $20 per person and are in effect Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. Members must renew their membership the beginning of each year by completing a New Membership form and attaching their annual dues payment. To join, please contact Lisa Olson at [email protected] or 817-903-9894.

The Women’s Club monthly luncheons are held the first Monday of each month, unless the luncheon falls on a holiday. Then it shifts to the immediate Tuesday. For example, Monday, July 4, is a holiday; therefore, the July luncheon will be held on Tuesday, July 5.

Each monthly luncheon program is unique and entertaining. The luncheons are publicized in plenty of time to get the luncheon payment in by the published deadline. The luncheons are always held in the clubhouse ballroom. The ballroom doors open at 11 a.m. Lunch is served at 11:30 a.m. Upon arrival, members check in and locate a seat for the luncheon program. Greeters are available to assist with seating or any other concerns that may require attention.

The cost of each luncheon is $19. All attendees must pre-pay their $19 fee by the published deadline in order to attend the luncheon. The luncheon fee may be paid by check (made payable to RRWC) or by PayPal, on the Women’s Club website There is an additional $1 payment to cover the processing fee.

If paying by check, you can drop off your check in the Cimarron Sports Center Women’s Lounge, in the white mailbox on the wall. You may also pay with PayPal on the Women’s Club website,, or drop your check for the next month’s lunch in the basket provided at each monthly luncheon.

The Women’s Club offers many opportunities for fun and a chance to meet people through various socializing and volunteering opportunities while participating in a variety of committees, as well as ad hoc special events volunteer opportunities. There is something for everyone!

If you have any questions about the Women’s Club, feel free to contact me.

We hope you enjoy everything the Women’s Club has to offer and then tell your friends and neighbors!

I look forward to meeting you soon.