Ice Cream and Hymns!

Cynthia Drury

More than 20 ladies from Fellowship At The Ranch Church gathered at the home of Cynthia Drury for an Ice Cream Social on Aug. 24. The afternoon started with the opportunity to build waffle bowl ice cream sundaes with all the fixings, including whipped cream and a cherry or two on top! Even better than the ice cream was the time to socialize in small groups and catch up on what has been going on during the summer: travel, family, hot weather, and much more.

Once the ice cream was done and conversations slowed, the ladies came together as a single group for a time of sharing. Our topic for this get-together was “What is your favorite hymn and why is it your favorite?” One by one, the ladies shared the hymn that was special to them and why. There were smiles of remembrance of special moments, a few tears, and many comments such as, “I had forgotten about that one,” “I like that one, too,” or “ I don’t know that one.” After all the ladies had a chance to share, it turned out that the hymn that was picked the most times as the favorite was “How Great Thou Art.” One of the highlights of the afternoon was when the ladies all sang “Amazing Grace,” their beautiful voices raised in praise to God. It was the perfect ending to a delightful afternoon of food, fellowship, and sharing.