Irish Mules, Limericks, and Lucky Charms, Oh My!

Hostesses Peggy Crandell (Paddy McFearsome), Carol Foley (Bleary McSmelly), and Bert Zeitlin (Blarney McShorty) (photo by Celia Hall)

Celia Hall (Bleary McSullied)

The Rockin’ Red Ranchers March luncheon at the Wildhorse Grill celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with shenanigans and “the wearing of the green.” The menu was shepherd’s pie, house salad, and deliciously decorated cupcakes for dessert. High octane Irish Mules were available for anyone who dared to try them. Once we discovered and shared our Leprechaun names with the group, the laughter and fun began! We organized into teams and arranged pre-printed verses, creating limericks to recite to the group. Hostess Bert Zeitlin wrote a humorous limerick just for us, using the standard structure of single stanza, AABBA rhyme scheme, and exactly five lines:

Rockin’ Reds is a bunch of fun gals,

Together at many locales,

We cackle wide-eyed,

The jokes split our sides,

While laughing with all of our pals.

A team relay challenge had us scooping out marshmallow Lucky Charms by using only a spoon in our mouth. There was much encouragement and cheering from the spectators. We enjoyed being Irish for the day and celebrating our friendships, new and old.