Jewish Friendship Group celebrates Passover

As we have in the past, the JFG celebrated Passover with a group Seder. This year it was at the home of Amy and Stan Gritz. Two dozen of us gathered at their home, where we celebrated the Seder that commemorates the leading of the Jewish people out of slavery in Egypt to freedom in the land that became Israel. Traditionally, we read from the Haggadah, which tells the story of this Exodus. The foods we eat are very traditional and reflect this arduous journey. Matzo is the traditional “bread” that our ancestors had to eat because they didn’t have time for the bread to rise before they fled. During the Passover week, Jewish people abstain from eating any foods that use leavening. At our Seder, we enjoyed many foods that were prepared by the members of JFG and were delicious. Wine is drunk at different points in the service and prayers and songs are included. Prayers are also given at this time to all oppressed people who long for freedom. It was a beautifully led ceremony by Errol Cohen, who included many enlightening passages. We were all so glad to celebrate this season with our JFG family. JFG usually meets at the clubhouse on the second Sunday of the month. Only one person in a couple has to be Jewish to attend. Please contact Susan Cohen for more information at 214-808-0921.