Jewish Friendship Group News

Lynne Moore

JFG met on the second Sunday of January to enjoy our monthly brunch. Members bring and share those goodies that we grew up enjoying and continue that family connection. Our monthly get-togethers are great fun and very social. This month’s brunch was hosted by Jody Sacia and Arlene Stotts. It was really wonderful to welcome Myron Zisman back into our group. He has been missed. It was a really nice gathering where members got to share some of their wonderful travel experiences. Ed and Elaine Barnett told us about their wonderful trip to Israel recently. It was one which they felt was quite an illuminating experience. Bill and Lynne Moore shared their recent travel to Egypt, which also was an amazing trip. Travel to Egypt now is very safe and comfortable. The Egyptians couldn’t have been more friendly and excited that we were there. The country certainly embraces the tourists, which makes for a very rewarding experience. Members also shared the latest movies and plays they have seen, as well as the latest news from the grandchildren. We will be planning a Passover Seder this year taking place at Kol Ami in April, so watch for more information on that. Our group is always excited to welcome new members, and only one person in a couple has to be Jewish. So, if you are interested in attending, just give Amy Schnoll a call at 940-271-0143 or 214-535-2883.