K-Kids raises awareness and funds for shelter project

RR Kiwanians Vicki Baker, Barbara Anderson and Kathy Perry with school counselor Hailey Caraway and service dog Lola

RR Kiwanians Vicki Baker, Barbara Anderson and Kathy Perry with school counselor Hailey Caraway and service dog Lola

Vicki Baker

Everyone has heard of the Kiwanis Club. But have you heard about K-Kids? K-Kids Clubs are chartered in partnership with a Kiwanis Club and a school or community-based organization. It is a student-led program for elementary school students providing them with opportunities to perform community service, build character, and develop leadership skills.

The Evers Park Elementary School K-Kids is sponsored by Kiwanis Club Robson Ranch. But the role of the sponsoring Kiwanis Club goes beyond providing funds. Rancher Katherine Jenkins, club advisor, has been instrumental in advancing this program from an initial enrollment of 48 students to 131 active participants in the club today. In turn this opens the doors to new opportunities for children and inspires them to become leaders. The children take on the responsibility of running the K-Kids Club as they plan and participate in community service projects.

The K-Kids chose Linda McNatt Animal Shelter as its service project this year and organized a fund raiser, The Pet Fashion Show. Fifty entries of costumed pets were wide and varied with a horse, parrot, ferret, fish and many cats and dogs. Each application for entry into the “show” was submitted by a student and included a photograph or hand drawing of the costumed pet. All entrants were then displayed along the school hallway.

On the evening of October 22, nine elementary school students ranging in age from 7-12 years (all a part of K-Kids) hosted the voting for “best of category.” Kiwanis Club RR was on hand to help with the balloting. Voters included students, parents, teachers and school guests. For a donation ranging from one penny to several dollars, voters cast their choice for favorite costumed pet. All monies were then donated to the Linda McNatt Animal Shelter to help defray the cost of food, housing, vet services and other needs for animals awaiting an adoptive home.

K-Kids are young leaders helping others. In big and small ways they’re changing the world around them with the most significant change happening in the kids themselves. Interested in making a change in your community? Visit Kiwanis Club RR on the first and third Fridays at 8:30 a.m. in the clubhouse or contact Barbara Leurig at [email protected].