Keeping our Denton neighbors cool

Phyllis Ayers

Community action can be in our thoughts, which is wonderful, but it is certainly better when action is accompanied by deeds. The Women of Voices United took an idea and made it into a reality during the month of July. The group realized that there was a need in the Denton community for fans during our hot North Texas summer. We all take our air-conditioning for granted, but there are many people in our community who either don’t have access to air-conditioning or have a need for help with their electric bill. As a result, an idea began to take shape. The group held a fan collection drive and worked with Interfaith Ministries to deliver fans to Denton residents who were without air-conditioning. The Robson Ranch community stepped up and these ladies collected 58 fans and exceeded $1300 in cash donations. The collection was delivered to Interfaith Ministries, who in turn will deliver the donations to Denton residents who are without a way of cooling themselves. It is amazing to be part of the action when everyone pulls together and ideas become deeds! Congratulations are in order to all of these wonderful ladies as well as all the Robson Ranch residents who helped make this drive a success.