Kiwanis Club Robson Ranch: Making a Difference in Our Denton Community

Kathy Perry and Chris Laffey

The new officers and board for 2020-21

The new officers and board for 2020-21

Kiwanis Club members built a bench for New Hope’s rodeo arena.

Kiwanis Club members built a bench for New Hope’s rodeo arena.

Kiwanis Club donation

Kiwanis Club donation

continues its commitment to helping those in need, making a difference one child at a time. To continue this important work, we need new members! Recipients like those mentioned below depend on and appreciate Kiwanis assistance.

If you are interested in meeting new people, having fun, and helping others, please contact Greg Laffey at [email protected] or 617-877-7575.

September and October have been busy for Kiwanis Club Robson Ranch (KCRR). We meet the first and third Friday of the month, from 9 to 10 a.m., in the clubhouse. At our Sept. 4 meeting we had the pleasure of hosting Captain Whitney Houston of the Salvation Army (SA). She gave an informative program on how the SA helps those in need in our community, with shelter, food, and clothing. We were pleased to present The Salvation Army with a donation of $1,000. Also, we committed interested members to another holiday season of “ringing the bell” locally to raise additional funds for their programs. We hosted Ryan Mayer, Director of Student Financial Aid at Texas Woman’s University (TWU). Kiwanis presented a donation of $3,000 to TWU to be used for Student Aid to help pay for tuition, books, and class continuation.

Sept. 18

We hosted Interfaith Ministries, with Director Condell Garden. Her slideshow program explained how Interfaith Ministries helps families in need throughout Denton County with rent, food, car repair, medical expenses, and life. Their latest project is Back to School supplies. The director was happy to receive our donation of $1,000.

Sept. 27

Bingo Blast, and boy, was it! It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and 120 people showed up. KCRR gave out $1,300 in game prizes, $200 in door prizes and a raffle of 100 golf balls with a value of over $100. There were a lot of smiling faces. We hope to see more of them in February at our next Bingo Blast.

Oct. 2

The annual installation of officers for 2020-21: In attendance for the installation were Texas/Oklahoma Governor Robin Meyer, LT. Governor Chip Sargent, and Allen Chick from Denton Noon Kiwanis Club.

Those installed were: President Susan Galbraith, Immediate Past President Ed Kerr, Vice President Gene Heathcoat, Secretary Chris Laffey, Assistant Secretary James Galbraith, Treasurer Karen Visser, Board Members: Chris Hagen, Greg Laffey, Roy Meyer, Jerry Waynant, and Doug Williams.

Robin Meyer and Allen Chick, both members of Denton Noon Club, graciously accepted a donation of $1,000 from KCRR for The Denton Children’s Medical Clinic.

Oct. 16

We hosted the Rainbow Room. The presentation was given by our own Betsy Sheats. They work with children that are brought to them from CPS (Child Protection Services). Rainbow Room was given $1,000 to help provide clothing, shoes, and necessities, for children being transferred to foster homes. Ninety-six children’s books were donated to Borman Elementary School for their Mentoring Program where Kiwanis has mentored children for 10 years.

Oct. 17

New Hope Equine Therapy Center: Many hands joined Kiwanis Day at New Hope Equine Therapy Center. The center serves disabled children by giving them the joy and special attention of horseback riding. We helped by clearing trails, painting, and planting flowers at the entrance. We were able to build a bench for the rodeo arena, and did whatever we could to help this wonderful therapy center for the kids.

Please contact Greg Laffey for details regarding membership (Have you heard Kiwanis International has waived dues for 2020-21? We have until December 31, 2020 to take advantage of this). We would like to invite you to an upcoming meeting. Thank you Membership Chairman Greg Laffey, who can be contacted at 617-529-9997.

Kiwanis: Making a difference in our community, one child at a time.