Kiwanis Distributes Christmas Cheer

On Friday, Dec. 17, Kiwanis distributed Christmas gifts and food baskets to the families at the children’s home. Kiwanis has always taken on the cause of providing food baskets for the needy families at Cumberland at Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year, we were delighted to have the opportunity to be able to provide Christmas gifts for the children. We were asked to help 8 families with 24 kids ages 1 to 14 years. The only information we were given about the kids was gender, age, and shirt size. Shirt size?! Come on! It’s Christmas! So, being the Sherlocks we are, based on sex and age, we got them lots of cool stuff that we think they will like and, yes, we got them all some kind of top or shirt or sweater. Every family received a bag of groceries so they can fix a right proper Christmas dinner. Oh, and we didn’t forget about the moms, because some of our moms stepped up and provided hand-knitted scarves and jewelry for each mother. I wish we could meet these folks, but that’s not to be at this time. So, we will wish them good fortune and a Happy New Year.