Liberty Belles Are Ready to Ring!

Lisa Gollihar

The Robson Ranch Republican Club has a new women’s auxiliary group named the Liberty Belles! The purpose of the women’s group is to provide an opportunity for women with conservative values to meet, talk, and work alongside other like-minded women, supporting not only the larger Republican Club here at the Ranch, but charitable conservative causes in the surrounding communities.

A survey was sent out to the women of the Republican Club over the summer in order to gauge interest in having a forum such as this. Approximately 50 women returned surveys indicating a positive interest in getting involved in such a group. Twelve women were willing to help get things rolling, er, ringing, and the group has been working behind the scenes gathering ideas for ways to provide the women with the opportunity to participate in activities that they indicated were important to them on the survey.

There was demonstrated interest in deepening friendships and getting together for socials such as coffees or teas, brunches, or luncheons. Some of the women would like to be involved in donating to and promoting local charitable conservative causes supporting women, children, babies, and the pre-born. Others are interested in getting deeper into the political process and promoting the election of Republican candidates in Denton and the State of Texas who believe in “liberty, economic prosperity, preserving American values and traditions, and restoring the American dream for every citizen of this great nation.”

All the women of the Robson Ranch Republican Club are encouraged to stop by and see what information about upcoming events or activities is available at the Liberty Belle table, which is set up each month at the Republican Club meetings, the first Wednesday of each month, with social time at 6:30 p.m. and the program/meeting beginning at 7 p.m. in the Robson Ranch clubhouse.

The Liberty Belles Executive Committee will be hosting its first Meet and Greet Ice Cream Social for all the ladies of the Robson Ranch Republican Club on Sunday, Sept. 18, at 5 p.m. on the Grill outdoor patio. Come on out and share a Blue Bell ice cream root beer, Coke, or Sprite float and discuss ways to keep Texas red with a new friend! We will need to know how many are coming so we don’t run out of ice cream, so RSVP to Lesley Miller at [email protected] to let us know you will be there.

Come on out and ring in the 2022-23 year with the Liberty Belles!