Living Well Committee

Claudia J. Caporale

About 20 health-conscious residents eagerly attended our pre-Easter walk on April 3, braving the cooler-than-expected windy morning. Orange cones on the street, arrowed signs, and attendees wearing yellow jackets, paved the way back to the clubhouse for a special treat. More walks are scheduled. Check for updates on days and times.

Welcome Selbi with Sapling Farms to our Friday Farmers Market—Come out each Friday for a generous selection of fresh local vegetables and fruits. Also, welcome Nature’s Circle bringing us local honey, Chatti’s dog treats, and other special selections. It’s spring—new things are happening and the weather is improving. Come out early for the best selection from all vendors. Robson Ranch residents are so fortunate to have vendors who come to us, on our property, each and every Friday. It’s a wonderful way to start your Friday morning. Take advantage!

The Living Well Committee is looking for another member to round out our group. Have a little extra time to spare? Interested residents, please call Joyce Ambers at 940-262-3425.

The Living Well Committee provides monthly presentations in a variety of genres fitting the interests of our community residents. On April 22, Claudia Caporale presented “Yesterday’s Treasures.” Amanda Noah will present “Resiliency after Widowhood” on May 10. Anyone who may have lost someone dear to them or is in fear of losing someone will benefit from this presentation. On June 8 at 2 p.m., Laura Austin, who has a doctorate in physical therapy, will be presenting a talk on Parkinson’s disease. Watch for weekly updates or refer to our website at