Living Well Committee

Claudia J. Caporale

Rain, rain go away—please! Summer is here and we all want to play!

So many activities are now underway—the outdoor Grill patio is open, the Friday Market is flourishing (between raindrops) and now has additional vendors. Outdoor sports and exercise classes are in full swing, and the Living Well Committee is peaking with its informative monthly presentations. The June 8 presentation by B.J. Brewer, P.T.A., outpatient clinic manager at Select Rehabilitation Hospital of Denton and Laura Austin, Ph.D., at Select Rehab spoke to an audience of 50 Robson residents who took copious notes on the challenging subject of Parkinson’s Disease—its cause, symptoms, treatments, and more. Resident James Riddle of Robson Ranch conducts kickboxing classes called Rock Steady Boxing at his gym 9 Round Keller. Mr. Riddle also offered information on how best to kick the disease.

Our 4th of July Walk and Robson Parade will be held on July 3 for all to enjoy, therefore, the Living Well Committee will not have a speaker in July. However, on Tuesday, Aug. 17 at 2 p.m., Dr. Geoffrey Nuss, M.D. Urologist from Arlington, will speak to women on urology at 3 p.m., and Dr. Jason Poteet, M.D. Urologist from Ft. Worth, will speak to men. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss another informative presentation.

As of June 3, the Living Well Committee has also begun a monthly group for widows and widowers called Reflective Sharing. The group will continue to meet the first Thursday of each month in the Legacy Room in the clubhouse at 1 p.m. It is a casual group with a mission to comfort, encourage, help, and elevate each other’s self-confidence while journeying through a new lifestyle. We welcome anyone needing assistance and friendship.

Come out for the most important patriotic day of the year—the July 4 (on the 3rd) parade. The Robson Ranch Parade will be an awesome event with many of the clubs putting their own twist on red, white, and blue. The Living Well Committee will sponsor a three mile walk with residents dressed in their own red, white, and blue and sporting a patriotic scarf given at the start of the walk by the committee, and watermelon at the end of the walk. Come join in all the fun. Bring your family, friends, and pets. Our country needs all the support it can get!

The Living Well Committee is working on updating its website. Please refer to it for all events at