Local Pet Shelter Needs Supplies and Workers

Eileen Pierson

I again need supplies to continue making dog beds for local shelter Apollo Support & Rescue in Justin. It’s a no-kill shelter and only gets money from grants, donations, etc., not from any surrounding township like Denton does, so please help. All shelters are past capacity, with rising inflation and people simply dumping their pets after they have gone back to the office after COVID-19. It’s heartbreaking.

Here is what I need the most, but I stress on all below, I must approve all items before you drop off. I need items at least in fairly good shape and clean (i.e., no mouse droppings, etc.). Please respect what I do. Here is what I need:

Blankets, bedspreads, comforters, quilts, old slipcovers, tablecloths, mattress pads (they are fabulous), fleece of any kind, sheets (flannel or strong cotton; no jersey or microfiber, please).

Dog/cat food of any kind (this helps local families who can no longer afford to feed their pets and the 100-plus foster dogs/cats.

Used dog beds (small to medium size only).

New toys only (used can carry unseen parasites; too risky).

Towels, leftover fabric (minimum 1.5 yards; no jersey or silk, etc.). Cottons, fleece, decorator fabrics are best. Drapes/curtains (but no valances, please).

Leftover dog/cat medications, i.e., insulin, pain management, seizure control meds, heartworm and flea/tick supplies, dog shampoo, etc.

Volunteer or paid position. Let me know if you’d like to volunteer to walk the dogs or just visit with them one day, three days, whatever. If you know anyone who wants a paying job, they are struggling to get anyone to work. Ten people apply, and one may show up for the interview (same everywhere). They are pretty desperate.

Here is what I do not want:

If you can’t wash it, I can’t use it. No old mattresses and no packing blankets (they shred in wash).

No dog kennels (they are sitting on more than 50, and they will have to pay for a dumpster to get rid of them).

No feather anything, no clothing of any kind, no afghan blankets, no throw pillows. I will take bed pillows if not really old.

I live in Robson Ranch. Message me and I can give you my address to drop off on my front doorstep anytime or, if needed, I may be able to arrange a pick-up for you. I go to the shelter at least once a week. You can also donate money for raised dog beds. Contact me for more info. I’ve purchased 26 total in 2022.

Contact Eileen Pierson at 214-923-9391 or [email protected] for approval before dropping anything off. I’m sorry it has to be this way, but my garbage can was overflowing weekly with the “junk” people were dropping off, so I have to approve first. Thank you all so very much.