Material Girls Club: Spotlight on Paula Saunders

Paula began sewing as a young lady at ten years old in 4H. There she entered the fair every year and took home five blue ribbons – one for each year. For years she sewed her own clothing and was never interested in quilting, until her sister introduced her to it in 2009 (after she retired) and she was hooked. Paula worked as a computer programmer and with an analytical mind, her strengths lie in problem solving and math. Believe it or not, these attributes proved very useful in creating quilts.

In 2011, Paula and her husband moved to Robson Ranch from Arizona and she lost no time in joining Material Girls. She had found quilting and had no intention of leaving it behind in the move. In the yearly quilting class Material Girls holds, Paula not only puts all of the materials together, she also mentors each year. Over the next seven years, Paula has created upwards of thirty quilts and provided at least twelve or fifteen donation quilts just last year. Not one for visiting a lot of quilt shops, unless it is for something specific she needs for a project, or on a Material Girls outing, she nevertheless is eager to attend shows, especially the International Quilt Show in Houston held every year. She has attended that one seven times and many other local ones as well.

A few years ago, Paula discovered the embroidery machine and was hooked again. She started with a Singer 6000 machine, then finding that too limiting, switched to Janome then upgraded to the Brother Dream Machine three years ago. Now she combines embroidery and quilting in creating some unique quilts. Check out the Material Girls window from time to time at the CATC for some of her projects.