Meet the candidates for HOA Board of Directors

Dave Parker

For the upcoming HOA board of directors election, I would like to ask for your vote for a second term. When I ran for election last term, I felt that my involvement in clubs and organizations would provide me with a good foundation for representing all Robson Ranch residents. My past experience includes service as a Road Runner Board member, Pickleball Club and Baby Boomer positions. Currently I am a Robson Ranch host for Preferred Guests, a member of Wine Stewards, the Republican Club, Photography Club, and Sigma Chi brothers. I have volunteered as a mentor at Borman Elementary for last five years mentoring first and second graders. I volunteer at Our Daily Bread and am a Robson Angel caregiver. I am one of the founding members who started the Gun Club and Texas Toss.

When my wife and I looked for the best place to retire, we picked Robson Ranch over anywhere in the country. I felt what you may describe as a calling to get involved as a Board member to keep our community as THE best active adult community anywhere.

Now finishing my first term, I get asked, “why should I vote for you for a second term.” My answer continues to be my involvement in clubs and organizations but now more importantly, experience. I can assure you that it takes at least one full year to learn and understand the position. Even last month I was involved in a meeting where I learned something totally new to me. I now have experience with all HOA committees, budgeting, and hiring and homeowner appeals. If elected I will continue fair and impartial decisions and represent homeowners to the best of my ability. Thank you for your vote and continued confidence in me.

Suzanne Spisak

My name is Suzanne Spisak. My husband, John, and I are Robson Ranch homeowners for 5 and a half years. It is our intention to stay here. As a member of the Robson Ranch Denton homeowner’s association (HOA) board, my priority is to preserve the quality of the amenities and green spaces that we all enjoy and to do it as cost-effectively as possible.

The key issues facing the HOA today are to:

* Minimize and stabilize future increases to HOA dues,

* Increase revenue and profitability of banquets, catering, and outside golfer activities to offset expenses and minimize HOA dues, and

* Anticipate and communicate future financial obligations as we move out of subsidy.

As a member of the Finance Committee since 2018, I know that the HOA board is actively working on these issues. On the Finance Committee, I also lead a subcommittee that prepares financial forecasts. I have detailed knowledge of the HOA finances and its effect on our dues.

Prior to retirement, I was in a senior leadership position and participated on corporate boards responsible for employee benefit programs with large budgets. In that capacity, my challenge was to balance the needs of employees and the financial limitations of the corporation. I also had to communicate decisions to employees. As an HOA Board member, I would work to incorporate homeowners’ desires in decision making. I would also strive to provide clear communication of decisions, including the justification, to homeowners.

I am fully rooted in the Robson community and have been a participant in numerous activities like Support Our Troops, library volunteers, Games for Dames, Chinese mahjongg, Christmas caroling, treat and treating and various sports center activities. I have a vested interest in ensuring our community and its amenities maintain high standards at the lowest possible HOA dues.