Motorcycle Club Gets Lit for the Holidays

Have your “elf” a merry little Christmas.

Vicki Baker

Christmas is a magical time of year. Once you see the first Christmas light display, you know the holiday season has officially begun. Twinkling lights are strung through tree branches and along roof lines. Elaborate displays are set out in front of homes. Mailboxes and front doors are decorated with pine boughs and ribbon. It’s time to break out that festive sweater and start playing those well-known Christmas carols.

For many, a favorite tradition has always been cruising through the neighborhood to admire the beautiful lights and other “tree-mendous” decorations. Members of the RR Motorcycle Club did just that on a cold wintery night in December.

But first things first – filling our bellies with bowls of hot chili and cornbread slathered with butter. We then bundled up in hats and mittens, fueled our thermos with hot chocolate, and stacked platters sky-high with cookies. We loaded onto the back of a motorcycle trailer and situated ourselves on folding chairs, our snacks and beverages laid out before us. Our GMC Acadia “sleigh” revved up its engine and off we went singing carols with great exuberance, though a bit off-key.

Driving slowly, we leisurely toured through the Robson Ranch neighborhoods marveling at the homes decked out in yuletide decor. Front yards became amusement parks of light. Whole streets coordinated for a united holiday display – candy canes, angels, snowmen, street lamps, horseshoes, and Christmas trees. We especially loved the houses that went all-out like the Griswolds from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

We savored the sights and sounds of the season. There was something enchanting about the warm glow of twinkling lights in the darkness lining rooftops, spiraling around porch columns, and shimmering through windows. They filled us with heartfelt memories, laughter, and that unavoidable dose of craziness only friends can generate.

Are you a holiday light gawker, too? If not, put it on your to-do list for 2020. There will be tons of houses throughout the city that put on a great light show, but don’t forget to head out and explore our own Robson Ranch. It may not be quite big enough to get media attention, but our neighborhood lights and decorations have created a strong sense of community. Despite any of our differences, these lights make it possible for us to all gather together and spread holiday cheer.

Remember, it’s not the lights that make us happy. It’s spending time with friends that really lights up the whole holiday season. So, this December, “Watt’s up?” you ask. “Just looking at Christmas lights!”