Motorcycle Club: Motorcycling Always, Safety First

The members are eager to learn.

Mike Conley leads the presentation.

Stan Brein

February through March is an odd season for motorcycle riding. The temperatures are beginning to thaw, and we have days of warm weather, perfect for riding. Then the thermometer plunges, rain falls, and the riding is not so pleasant. So, during this time, we try to take care of other tasks related to our bikes.

One of these is preparing our bikes for getting back on the road. Basic maintenance tasks such as ensuring the battery is charged and the tires are at the correct air pressure are first. Is the engine oil level correct? Has the annual vehicle inspection and registration been taken care of? And is the bike clean and polished sufficiently to take out on the road and show off?

The rider also needs some attention and tuning up also. It is important to refresh our skills and ensure we are ready to navigate the ins and outs of street and highway riding.

The club holds a Motorcycle Safety meeting each February. Club President Mike Conley has done an excellent job of putting together a one-hour training covering the key aspects of good preparation and safe riding. About a dozen members attended the session on Feb. 21 at the clubhouse. Topics included a review of the need for safety protocols and training, communication before, during, and after the ride; ride safety briefings; and typical group ride situations we encounter. He also covered basic maintenance requirements of motorcycles and the responsibilities of the ride captain (planner and leader of the ride) and the sweep (the last rider in the group). Most of the club members Sena Bluetooth communication modules to facilitate bike-to-bike communication during the ride. This allows everyone in the group to know what is going on and be informed about any changes in plans.

The presentation was informative and generated good discussion. In order to reach more members, a second session was scheduled for Feb. 28, and an evening Zoom presentation was held on March 2 to make the information more accessible.

Upcoming rides, including the Texas Hill Country Ride (April 2-6), will capture the beauty of the bluebonnets and wildflowers during the early spring. Fredericksburg, Kerrville, and Leakey will be on the itinerary, and a stop at the Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood will be a must. Of course, riding the Twisted Sisters (FM 335, FM 336, and FM 337) is a must.

See you on the road!

Beware of cagers, and keep the rubber side down.