Robson Ranch Residents Contribute Over $370,000

Jesus Film Project Event Planning Committee (left to right): Micki Zartman, David Zartman, Jayne Gornik, Kathy Jeffrey, Steve Gornik, Tony Jeffrey, Karen Perez, and Eli Perez

Steven Gornik

The generosity of Robson Ranch residents was on full display with their support of Jesus Film Project. In September there was an informational dinner, underwritten by residents of Robson Ranch, about how the story of Jesus was being spread around the world. Robson residents responded by investing over $370,000 to bring the message of Jesus to groups of people who have never had the opportunity to know Jesus. Residents realized that film brings a story to life in ways that transcend written communication. They wanted to be part of spreading the most powerful story in the world through this powerful medium.

Over the history of Jesus Film Project (which originally started in 1979), more than 633 million people have made the decision to follow Christ after watching the movie Jesus and other Jesus Film Project media. The powerful part of the film is that it is translated in their native language. In fact, the movie Jesus has been translated to over 2,000 heart languages. Over the history of Jesus Film Project, for every dollar donated, there would be 10 viewings of the movie Jesus. For every 10 views, one person would make the decision to follow Christ. Thus, the $370,000 Robson investment would mean that 370,000 people would make the decision to follow Christ. In perspective, that equals the entire population of the cities of Denton and Frisco combined.

The investment made by Robson residents will be used to translate the movie Jesus in the Temi language in Tanzania, the Odiya language in India, and the Sumu language in Nicaragua. The Jesus Film Project has a film called Magdalena, which portrays Jesus’ compassion for women and historical accounts of His interaction with them, as seen through the eyes of Mary Magdalene. In several countries where women are devalued by men, this is a powerful story. Because of Robson’s generosity, Jesus Film Project will produce language translation of the movie Magdalena for a country in the Middle East and another country in Southeast Asia. These countries cannot be mentioned by name because of security/safety issues.

Turkey is one of the largest unreached Muslim nations in the world. The Robson investment will help fund broadcasts of the movie Jesus on more than a dozen stations across Turkey. People who see the movie can go online and chat with believers about Christ and be sent the New Testament. Truly, the residents of Robson Ranch will have a worldwide impact.

If you would like more information about how you might support the spreading of Jesus around the world, please contact Karen or Eli Perez, the local Jesus Film Project representatives, at 501-416-6777.