My Job Is Done, I’m Retired … Take Me Home

Cherlyn Conway

As a supporting member of Support Our Troops (SOT) and at a recent SOT meeting, it was discovered there was a need around the Ranch to have a place to respectfully retire our precious red, white, and blue. Several SOT members, as well as many Robson Ranch Texas residents, love their country and proudly fly a flag at their home.

As a family that has flown a flag at any place we have lived, the tattered and worn-out flags can start to accumulate and need to be respectfully retired. The need to have a place for residents to bring these retired flags was born.

Bob Conway, Robson Ranch resident and lifetime member of VFW, belongs to the VFW Denton POST 2205. He has volunteered to take any retired flag to the post for proper disposal. The VFW partners with The Scouts that includes a simple ceremony.

“When the national flag is worn beyond repair, burn it thoroughly and completely on a modest, but blazing fire. This should be done in a simple manner with dignity and respect. Be sure the flag is reduced to ashes unrecognizable as a former flag.”

On the porch at 11905 Willet Way, you will find a red, white, and blue box that the Conway’s invite any Robson Ranch resident to bring their tired, tattered flags (U.S. or state flags) any time, no need to notify or advise you are dropping off. You could also bring them to any Support Our Troops meeting, which is on the second Monday of each month, at 1 p.m. in the clubhouse.

You do not need to be a veteran to join SOT or attend the meetings. If you have active military or active reserve military in your family, the SOT would love to add them to the roster in support of their service and commitment to our great country. You can get more information and find the forms on how to request support on the RR HOA website under Member Center Tab/Clubs/Support Our Troops. The forms are also available at the meetings. You can also find more information on SOT at