An Ongoing Success Story

The Garage Brigade of the Community Outreach Committee of the Robson Ranch Women’s Club.

LaDonna Womochel

Everyone wants to hear about successes. The Community Outreach Committee, a part of the Robson Ranch Women’s Club, is no different; it wants to share with you a success story that it has been working on since April.

The project is to work with Our Daily Bread together with Monsignor King Outreach Center in providing essential household items to help create a livable home for those individuals who have been homeless. Dee Moore, Our Daily Bread’s program manager and case worker, and her team have worked with individuals who have been homeless. She helps them secure an income source either through a job or through benefits for which they are eligible. She then helps them find an apartment.

This is the point in time when the Community Outreach Committee steps in to help. This committee has organized donations from Robson Ranch residents of household items that everyone needs when setting up an apartment. The committee has asked members of the Women’s Club, the members of the Women’s Golf Association, the Lady Niners Golf Association, Voices United, and the Bocce Club to go through their pantries, cupboards, and drawers looking for items they no longer are using. The committee has also accepted cash donations to purchase items that are essential but not frequently donated.

The committee started asking just these few people so that the volunteers would not be overwhelmed by the task. But now, after completing almost fifty “welcome home pallets,” the volunteers are ready to ask the entire Robson Ranch community to open their hearts and empty their homes of household items that others need.

The list of items that are needed is available on the Robson Ranch Women’s Club website, Please look to see what items you are not using that could help someone else.

The importance of helping others who have been homeless to embark on a more normal existence cannot be underestimated. We, as Robson Ranch residents, can identify readily with what these individuals need to get established again.

The Community Outreach Committee schedules donation days periodically on Saturday mornings. Those dates will be announced through the HOA email system. Please watch for that information and take action.