New Baby Boomers Join in the Fun

Dave Parker

The first Friday in December saw the Baby Boomers at Robson Ranch looking forward to Christmas and the holidays. The group was also looking forward to the annual Baby Boomer Progressive Party which was only weeks away. Margaret O’Neill, Commander in Chief of the Boomers, welcomed a number of new Boomers into the fold on this evening and the previous gathering including BJ Simmons, Janet Bracher, Karl and Carroll French, Dennis and Debra McCarthy, Marion and Dave Cosman, Patty and Frank Vivo, Joe and Michele Nttal, Sandy Ross, and Charles and Nancy Schunior. No dues, no sign up, no speakers, just grab a beverage or a meal and meet some new friends! The Boomers meet on the first and third Fridays of each month at the Grill starting around 5 p.m. New Boomers, come out and join in the fun! Any questions can be directed to Margaret O’Neill at [email protected]