New Life Church Ladies’ Lunch Bunch

Hostesses Carol Hansen (right) and Nancy Thomas; Photo by Nancy Thomas.

Speaker Karen Vissar; Photo by Nancy Thomas.

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A girly, spring vision and warm welcome engulfed New Life Church Ladies’ Lunch Bunch as we entered the lovely, spacious home of Carol and Jim Hansen. Her beautiful spring china figurines and dishes, featuring bunnies and flowers, had us all mesmerized, and luscious pink cabbage roses adorned the tables and napkin rings. What a joyful atmosphere!

The weather was stormy, but a good number of ladies arrived with casseroles covering the meat spectrum. Slaw, salads and vegetable plates fit perfectly and then we heartily indulged in the varied desserts of cheesecake, lemon squares, cake and candy!

Jois Ross, our director, called everyone to hear our speaker, Karen Vissar, who shared her stirring testimony. We were pleased to become aware that others in the Lunch Bunch had lived and gone to college where Karen had been. Karen shared how she and her siblings were challenged and alienated from each other by their father, who said they must prove their worth to earn his respect. The struggle drew Karen closer to the Lord, and He gave her the power to overcome many obstacles to her progress, becoming successful at each turn. She met her love, Marty, who has been her stalwart through the struggles.

Karen said her faith and the support and encouragement from her church made her victorious through it all. She gave us two lists she has found invaluable through the years:

Five Things to Look for When Seeking a New Church:

1. Does the church preach the right message? Is it Bible-centered?

2. Is this church a caring church? Are they doing more than greeting you at the door?

3. Does the church provide meaningful worship? Do the songs seem joyful, encouraging worship?

4. Is the church location convenient?

5. Can you plug into the church’s serving opportunities?

Ten Steps to Answered Prayer:

1. Decide what you want from God.

2. Find Scriptures that promise you the answer.

3. Speak and believe God’s promise.

4. Ask God and hold on to His answers.

5. Believe God and don’t doubt.

6. See yourself successful.

7. Praise the Lord for answering prayer.

8. Make every prayer a statement of faith.

9. Give your testimony.

10. Give and God will give to you.