News from Pilot Knob Rotary Club at Robson Ranch

Michelle Boerst of Bursting Bees is surprised with a gift from President Elect Karen McDaniels.

Bob Williams of Bob’s House of Hope

Karen McDaniels

Pilot Knob Rotary Club concluded our Rotary year and our nine-month club anniversary with some special events.

On June 19, our speaker was Bob Williams of Ranch Hands Rescue. Earlier this month, he opened Bob’s House of Hope, a safe house for men ages of 17 to 24 who have been victims of abuse and/or sex trafficked. Here they can receive counseling and begin the healing process by working with the abused/neglected animals at Ranch Hands Rescue. Bob talked about the powerful link between humans and animals who are suffering, and how healing the physical and emotional wounds can help survivors find their way to recovery. A victim of sexual abuse himself, Bob’s certainty of the power of healing, by connecting with animals, led him to open Bob’s House of Hope, the only safe house in the U.S. dedicated to young men in the 17 to 24 age group.

On June 25, we welcomed Master Beekeeper Michelle Boerst. It turns out beekeeping can be a big business. Even though the lifespan of a honeybee is about six weeks, thousands of honeybee hives are often trucked to the vast almond orchards of California to pollinate the almond flowers that become almonds. After pollination, the new generation of honeybees are trucked back to Texas for the fall. The Queen honeybee has a life span of two to three years and may only leave her hive two to three times. She typically lays about 2,000 eggs/day.

Michelle’s company, Bursting Bees, provides a honeybee hive removal service. Hives are not destroyed, but rather moved to other beekeepers’ locations. She does not recommend trying to remove a hive yourself, spraying it with chemicals to kill the bees, or even feeding the bees sugar water as doing that affects the taste and quality of the honey. So far this year, Bursting Bees has removed 22 honeybee hives from the Denton area.

To wrap the year, Pilot Knob held our first New Board Member Induction and Award Ceremony at The Wildhorse Grill.

We meet Fridays at 11:45 a.m. at The Wildhorse Grill at Robson Ranch. If you have a heart of service and want to be involved with our local and global projects serving others, please visit us to learn about what we do. To attend a meeting send a request to [email protected], visit our Facebook page Pilot Knob Rotary, or contact Karen McDaniels at 512-577-6149.