NxNW Coats of Many Colors

Cherlyn Conway

The Dolly Parton song “Coat of Many Colors” is based on love and an act of kindness towards someone else. The same could be said for the NxNW neighborhood of Osprey, Brant, Cinnamon, and Willet in the northwest quadrant of the ranch. Giving and sharing is not a new thing to the 70-plus houses that encompass the 10-2 section.

When the request was announced at the monthly Ladies Whine Chat that the annual Coats 4 Kids motorcycle run was going to happen this year to benefit the local kids of Denton County and that they needed our help, once again, this neighborhood stepped up.

A simple request and a simple box placed on a porch was all that was needed to collect 44 brand new coats with the tags to be left on each coat so the recipient of each coat would know they were new, since many have never owned a new coat that they got to pick out.

The actual ride was canceled due to the weather, and the coats were delivered to the after-party by Stan Brein, who has brought this great cause to Robson.

These coats of many colors, shapes, styles, and sizes were not handmade by Mama, as the song goes, but they were given with the same loving and caring hearts by this amazing NxNW neighborhood with a united goal to wrap and protect our Denton County preschoolers through high school with warmth and love.