A Meaningful Christmas

A Christmas night drive around Robson Ranch reveals a wonderland of lights and décor. Giant snowmen and twinkling deer, glittering lampposts and heaven-reaching angels, candy canes and towering inflatables line the yards of many homeowners. Residents in the “Back Forty” neighborhood have long admired and enjoyed these displays. This year, neighbors banded together to share their feelings about the Christmas season with a special art project. Under the creative direction of Judy Riffle-Karr, our resident artist, and the wood handling expertise of her husband Sam, neighbors sketched and painted wood panels that portrayed these personal feelings.

Christmas to Judy Ryback is the delight and wonder of grandchildren coming to visit. What better way to greet them than a six-foot cowboy Santa complete with boots and Stetson, a gift sack slung over his shoulder, and a super big Howdy. One can just imagine the squeals of delight as her grandchildren catch sight of this special greeter. The Christmas season for Emily Richardson is always one of fond memories. Emily has a treasured collection of Santas, and the most memorable is the Santa depicted as a Train Engineer. It was the first Santa she purchased, and she gave it to her father who worked for the Erie and Lackawanna Railroad. When her father passed, the Santa was given to her. Her eight-foot Engineer Santa is a special tribute to her father and family. The Christmas season always stirs the memory pool with warm and special memories. This year, the Back Forty shared some of those memories.